Unnamed Resources Policy

Tech Daily Report - TechDailyReport.net

General Principles:

At Tech Daily Report, we adopt the principles of accuracy, transparency and reliability in the preparation of our news. However, sometimes we may need to disclose the identity of the source due to access to information or the security of the source. In these cases, we strictly adhere to our policy of using unnamed sources.

Terms of Use:

Before using information from an anonymous source, we do our best to verify the accuracy of the information. We also assess why the source wishes to remain anonymous and consider the validity of those reasons.

Protection of Sources:

If a source requests anonymity, we fully respect that request. The identity of the source is known only to the editor and reporter who prepared the story and is not shared with third parties.

Verification and Transparency:

When using information from an unnamed source, we verify that information with other sources whenever possible. We also aim to provide our readers with an explanation of why the source remains anonymous, so that they can be informed about the credibility of the story.


If a reader thinks there is a problem with a story that uses an unnamed source, we encourage them to give us feedback.

Continuous Review:

We regularly review our Unnamed Sources Policy and update it as necessary to ensure that it is in line with industry best practice and ethical standards.