Actionable Feedback Policy

Tech Daily Report -

1. Introduction:

As a centre for international news, Tech Daily Report takes the valuable feedback of our readers very seriously. Feedback is an essential tool for us to continuously improve our news services.

2. What is Feedback?

Feedback includes suggestions, criticisms or comments about the content we publish, the design, usability or overall user experience of our website.

3. Actionable Feedback:

Feedback that identifies a specific problem or has the potential to improve it, supported by concrete, actionable suggestions.

4. How to Send Feedback?

Our readers can provide feedback via the "Feedback" section on our website or by sending an e-mail to

5. Review of Feedback:

All feedback is valuable and will be carefully reviewed.

Actionable feedback is evaluated by the relevant department or team.

If deemed necessary, our readers who provide feedback may be returned for additional information or clarification.

6. Implementation of Feedback:

After evaluating the applicability of the feedback, necessary arrangements and improvements will be made.

Our readers who are directly related to the feedback are informed about the actions we have taken.

7. Privacy:

You are not required to share personal data when submitting your feedback. However, we recommend that you share your contact information so that we can follow up on your feedback. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will only be used for communication purposes related to the feedback.